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An End-to-End Open Architecture for IoT

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Solution overview

Organizations that bought into proprietary IoT platforms are finding themselves tied to limited functionality, with rigid architectures that are not interoperable, locked into a particular vendor, and unable to scale.  

Cloudera together with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, and Eurotech, one of the leaders in the operational technology (OT) space, have collaborated to develop an  end-to-end architecture for IoT that is based on open standards, is integrated, flexible and runs on multi or hybrid-cloud environments. This architecture is designed to provide all of the key foundational elements that organizations need to quickly and securely roll out IoT use cases.

Building on Red Hat’ s experience as the world’s largest open source company, Eurotech’s capabilities and experience in operational technology environments, and Cloudera’s skills as a leader in the data analytics and machine learning space, this IoT architecture lets you harness the power of community innovation, while enabling you to contain costs, and avoid vendor lock-in.

IoT architecture diagram

It is built on some of the key open source projects and innovations out of the Eclipse IoT Foundationand the Apache Software Foundation, and brings to bearing some of the latest innovations in the IoT domain. Its modular nature allows you to swap out system components over time so you can keep pace with advances in technology while protecting previous investments.

This architecture also features end-to-end data management and analytics capabilities, including the ability to push machine learning and intelligence back out to the ‘edge’ for real-time decision making.

Moreover, the modular IoT architecture offers enterprises the freedom to run in the cloud and/or on premises, enabling portability of data and applications and eliminating dependence on a single proprietary cloud vendor. Its built-in security features enable analytics from the edge to the cloud.  

Key components of the end-to-end architecture

This end-to-end, integrated, and open IoT architecture consists of:

Key components of the end-to-end architecture
  • Intelligent IoT edge stack with Eurotech Everyware Software Framework (ESF) and Red Hat middleware to support device connectivity, data ingestion and control, intelligent routing, and enable analytics at the edge

  • IoT integration hub with Eurotech Everyware Cloud (EC) and Red Hat middleware running on OpenShift Container Platform, to effectively onboard and manage connected disparate devices, enable access control and authentication, control the operational flow of data downstream, and operate distributed, container-based IoT applications

  • Data management and analytics platform, based on Cloudera Enterprise, for IoT data processing, persistent storage, analytics, and machine learning to enable deeper business insights and actionable intelligence

  • Application development and delivery environment for development, deployment, and integration of cloud-native applications enabled by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

The architecture allows you to:

  • Connect, provision, and manage millions of distributed IoT devices and gateways with added security

  • Drastically minimize the cost and effort required to piece together an end-to-end IoT solution, and further enables accelerated time to deploy IoT use cases

  • Simplify data flow management with intelligence and analytics at the edge.

  • Enable end-to-end analytics and machine learning with the ability to build or refine machine learning models and push these models to the edge.

  • Put security in the forefront, with pre-integrated security and manageability across devices, access, authentication and applications, as well as data that is in-motion and at-rest.

  • Utilize application development, deployment, and integration services.

End-to-end analytics is realized through the use of the integrated components of the architecture. Business rules and advanced analytical models can be deployed both at the edge and within the core platform, enabling business intelligence at the edge, while taking advantage of historical data sets and machine learning.

Key highlights

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About Red Hat
Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, delivers reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux®, middleware, storage, and virtualization technologies that help you collect, communicate, transform, store, and act on critical data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT). Red Hat offers a single, extendable, and secure foundation to support the end-to-end life cycle of IoT solutions – from development to production.

Red Hat brings intelligence to the edge, bridging the gap between IT and operational technology for connectivity and interoperability between IoT devices, gateways, datacenters, and the cloud. Learn more at

Solution Brief

An End-to-End Open Source Architecture for IoT


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Solution Brief

An end-to-end, open architecture for IoT

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