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Self-Service Analytics Platform

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Solution overview

Datameer is an end-to-end big data analytics application that runs native on Cloudera, enabling you to get from raw data to insight faster than any other solution on the market.

Fastest Time to New Insights

With Datameer, Cloudera's customers can build their first use case in 2-4 weeks, and then roll out a new use case every week. With custom deployments it takes at least 6 weeks to custom build each use case. With Datameer, Cloudera customers can create 9 use cases in 12 weeks versus 2 if they custom code. Imagine the amount of data on Cloudera and the impact on node increase for so many use cases.

Agile Data Discovery

Datameer offers a fluid, iterative data discovery workflow and user experience that allows analysts to rapidly experiment and explore their data for answers. Versus linear analytic workflows, Datameer’s Context Tabs allow analysts to move between and make changes at any step in the analytic pipeline and immediately see the upstream and downstream impact. Analysts can use this agile data discovery workflow to let the data present the answers in a seamless user experience, without any shifts in context, tools or teams.


Microsoft Excel is the world’s most popular analysis tool. Datameer provides an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface much like Excel that will be familiar to analysts and business users alike. It contains over 270 pre-built, point-and-click functions, from simple joins and filters to advanced timeseries, graph & path, and text analytics. Predictive analytics can be added by importing models via PMML.

Smart Guidance Datameer’s Flipside gives a visual profile of your data available at every step of analysis, allowing you to instantly identify the important characteristics of the data. Datameer Smart Analytics™ adds analytic algorithms for clustering, decision trees, column dependencies and recommendations to automatically identify patterns, relationships and correlations within any data and help guide you to the answers in your data.

Use All Your Data

Datameer is designed to meet the variety and volume of data challenges posed with big data analytics. With over 70 data connectors for all types of data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured), Datameer can read and understand the data that matters to you. Datameer Data Links allow you use data in Hadoop, applications, databases or other sources, grabbing the data on demand for your analysis.

Tell Your Story

Datameer’s data visualization capabilities help tell the story of the data analysis, revealing the unknown patterns, relationships and insights via information-rich visualizations and engaging Business Infographics™. Armed with these visual insights, analysts and business leaders can quickly identify what the data is telling them and take action.

Collaboration and Re-Use

Datameer allows analysts to create views on the raw data that can then be used as building blocks for higher level analysis, and shared among analytic processes. Views are powered by the unique dynamic modeling capabilities of the Datameer platform for extreme flexibility. Analysts can collaborate, share findings, and build multi-stage analytic pipelines in concert. Datameer’s security features allow you to control who can create, modify and use views, providing the governance you need to manage the analytic process.

Put Your Insights to Work

Your new analysis is simply a set of insights unless you put those insights to work creating value for your business. Datameer offers a number of features that allow you to operationalize your analysis and feed downstream business processes on a regular business to impact the operations daily.

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture 

About Datameer
Datameer, Inc. is a big data Analytics and Visualization company based in San Francisco, California. Datameer offers self-service and schema-free Big Data analytics application for Hadoop. Founded by Hadoop veterans in 2009, Datameer scales up to thousands of nodes and is available for all major Hadoop distributions. Datameer specializes in analysis of large volumes of data for business users of Apache Hadoop. The company's product, Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS), is a business integration platform for Hadoop and includes data source integration, an analytics engine with a spreadsheet interface designed for business users with over 200 analytic functions and visualization including reports, charts and dashboards.

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